The Cabinet of the Confederacy

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“A nation which does not remember what it was yesterday, does not know where it is
-Robert E. Lee
The American Civil War is the most destructive war fought on American Soil. It is a conflict that redefined the world and power dynamics globally. It examined ideals and morals, as opposed to necessity and requirements. The two sides, despite sharing a common identity as ‘Americans’, were pushed apart due to clashing ideals, unjust laws and differing needs and opinions, both economic and political.
Slavery, always an extremely contentious issue, became a topic of national concern in the nineteenth century. With the idealistic abolitionist movement picking up traction, especially in the north; the southern states grew increasingly hostile and alienated. For them, slavery was a tool necessary for their economic prosperity. It was not simply a moral, or ethical concern, but rather, an integral part of the southern states, and their lifestyle. The war was a result of palpable and unresolvable tensions between the south and the north, culminating in the numerous secessions and subsequent battles. The Confederacy fought for traditions and ideals they truly believed in. During the war, the Union had an advantage in manpower, manufacturing and weaponry. That said however, the Confederacy had some of the best soldiers and commanders in the nation, along with a cause that they supported and were willing to fight and die for.
This commitment and dedication is something that we expect all delegates of the confederacy to possess. Despite the numerical disadvantage, we fight. We stand for the traditions that make America what it is, and we must protect them. Delegates must set aside their ethical concerns, and be willing to use any means, scrupulous or not, to safeguard our great nation.
Due to the committee’s highly complex proceedings and agenda, all delegates must be extremely well researched, and must be able to apply this research in the face of the numerous crises that will be presented in committee to the delegates. Together, we will become the heroes who lead America into a new dawn, where traditions and history is not forgotten, and each great state may prosper.
May God Bless the South.
Udayvir Singhvi (Chairperson)
Aryan Agarwala and Jacob Chacko (Directors)
Anirudh Krishna (Rapporteur)