The Cabinet of the Union

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“We believe that the spreading out and perpetuity of the institution of slavery impairs the general welfare. We believe — nay, we know, that that is the only thing that has ever threatened the perpetuity of the Union itself.”
President Lincoln, 1859.
Fought between 1861 and 1865, the American Civil War shaped the future of not only America but also that of the rest of the world. The Cabinet of the Union, which is one of the two Joint Crisis Committees being simulated this year at AMUN 2019, provides the delegates, rather cabinet members the opportunity to shape, manipulate and impact the future course of events and subsequently history, as we know it. The war represented two conflicting beliefs. The north upheld the principles of equality and free labor while the south believed in achieving economic prosperity, even if it meant negating basic human equality. The war was a manifestation of the disagreements between the North and the South, taking the lives of millions and shaping history. The members of this cabinet are required not only to apply their minds quickly and efficiently in order to solve problems, but also take decisions under pressure to win the conflict for the Union, for failure will result in the destruction of the Union itself. The members need to keep in mind at all times that conceding to the institution of slavery is absolutely unacceptable and every single action, in the power of the members, must be taken to abolish this evil practice. Nothing short of absolute eradication of slavery will be tolerated by the Union Cabinet. We hope that you, the members of the Union Cabinet, have a clear image of what is at stake and what is to be achieved. This great nation was formed upon the principles of Justice and Equality, and it is your duty to protect these two ideals, and subsequently this great nation.
God Bless America.
The Executive Board,
Rohan Khanna – Chairperson (President of the United States)
Aditya Bharath – Director (Vice President of the United States)
Ruhaan Joshi – Rapporteur