Congress Working Committee – 1973





 Congress Working Committee- 1973

Agenda: Situation in India

Fellow members,

Without a doubt, one of the darkest periods in Indian history is the Emergency declared by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, where she took the authority to rule by Presidential decree. A mere two decades after Independence,  Indians were once against faced with an attack on their freedoms – censorship, sterilization and jailing protesters – these were just some of the measures taken by this “democratic” government.

At Aravali Model United Nations 2018, you will have the chance to analyse what led the government to take such a  dire action and what history would have looked like if someone had noticed the seeds of authoritarianism before they bloomed. Committee will begin in 1973, but it is you who decides the future.

Delegates, we stand on the brink of a never before seen situation in independent India, and it is for you to determine what takes precedence: your country, your party, or your own ambition.


Prime Minister: Anisha Drall

Director: Karan Baijal

Rapporteur: Raghav Gopal Das