The Five Eyes

Agenda 1: The Tiananmen Square Protests
Agenda 2: The Assassination of Fidel Castro

Greetings members of the various spy agencies of USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand,

The Tiananmen Square Protests are one of the most historically prominent riots all over China. Over one million protestors fought to reform China’s government into a more democratic one. The Assassination of Fidel Castro, the Cuban President, is one of the most unique and long-drawn assassination attempts ever attempted in history, with about 638 attempts against Fidel Castro. He once said, “If surviving assassination attempts were an Olympic event, I would win the gold medal.” As members of the various spy agencies of the aforementioned countries, it is upto you to ensure that democracy wins all over the world and protect your country from possible enemies at all costs. At the Aravali Model United Nations, 2019, you will be the judge of determining whether one of the largest communist centres of the world believe in democracy or not. Your actions will decide the fate of billions. This committee will test your creativity and intelligence to the limits; are you ready?
Karan Baijal and Hrishab Kumar Sharma – Chairpersons
Akhil Sahni – Director
Aditya Bansal – Rapporteur