Press Corps


Press Corps

Greetings, IP members and delegates!

Often seen keenly observing proceedings and scribbling away on our notepads, darting through committees, or simply annoying delegates with our blinding camera flashes – liked by most, hated by some (daringly so) and rightly feared by all, this is the International Press welcoming all delegates to AMUN 2018.

However, this cordial welcome comes with a statutory warning! A warning that we are always watching your every move and every twitch, documenting it all to aid you in your diplomatic endeavour (and for our amusement, but mostly the former).

The International Press is certainly like no other committee; it is an unparalleled medium for members to explore their creative sides while learning effective teamwork skills, honing their talents, and discovering the importance of expressing their valuable opinions on world issues through art, editorials and photographs.

We aim to produce the most engaging newsletters experimenting with various types of articles, innovative photography and avant-garde caricatures, all while overcoming unconventional and challenging crises. All in all, the task ahead of the Press members is nothing short of a Herculean feat, but the one we present to the delegates promises to be infinitely more challenging: the task to avoid becoming our scapegoat, if you can.


Aryaman Bhatnagar(Head of IP)