United Nations Historic Security Council


United Nations Historic Security Council

Agenda: Indo-Pakistan War 1971

Greetings Delegates!

This year at AMUN, we’re simulating a number of thought provoking committees out of which, one is a Historic United Nations Security Council with the agenda being the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971. The delegates are required to be very thorough with the history of the two nations and the relationship between them, the legality of the situation, the economic drawbacks that may come with the war being prolonged but most importantly, the condition of the humans that will inevitably be adversely affected by the war.

The war, fought during the Cold War, increased the tensions even more. The UNSC, being important, has to play a big role in mediating peace as it has been doing in the past. However this time, it may even have to make a decision that may partition a country – something it hasn’t done in the past, thus making this situation very crucial.

We are leaving the power in your hands. The future of the subcontinent depends on you. All decisions are yours to take but do realise that millions of lives are dependent on you.

Good luck!

Your dais,

Vihaan Nadkarni- Chairperson

Rohan Khanna- Director

Manya Kumar- Rapporteur