Research Tips

Research Tips


Research is the most important part of MUN that enables you to speak confidently in committee and make the most of it as it gives you a better understanding of what is happening around you.

Points to be kept in mind:

  1. Know the subject matter.
  2. Understand your agenda
  3. Watching videos of conferences and other videos related to your agenda can break the monotony of your research and make it more exiting. Speeches by important personalities realted to your agenda are also of help as they highlight many important points.
Country Information UN system Agenda Alloted
YOUR STAND-Base your speeches on your country policy and International realtions. Actions taken by UN on agenda (hear conferences held by UN on your agenda, and points made by your country) Address all aspects of given agenda- scope of all subagendas and topics if any should be researched, not just one.Eg)agenda: militancy in  Kashmir and NE India.This includes  militancy in

  • Kashmir
  • NE India
General information like:

  • Political structure(Brief)
  • Economy(Brief)
  • Foreign Policy
  • International Relations(esp with P5)
Help rendered by your country to UN.

  • Sanctions imposed by the UN
Background information can be obtained fromthe following for your general idea

  • videos on agenda history.
  • study guide
  • wikipedia(not recognized THEREFORE ONLY for your general idea)
International Relations:Support or against the policies of other nations. UN charter should be IDEALLY gone through(reason stated below) and the following clauses ideally learned.Most important clauses often stated are:

  • Article 2 Clause 7
  • Articles 29,32,51
  • Security council:chapters 5,6,78,119

Ps: point 4 below.

Body of your debate

a)    Problems

b)    Solutions

c)    Allegations



1)    UN charter supercedes any other international document

2)    Only countries domestic jurisdiction supercedes charter

3)    It promoted aggression only for international peace NOT otherwise.

4)    It is important to go through the charter because every clause has a counter which can be by the delegate to his advantage and is the difference between an experienced MUNer and any regular MUNer. This point is more relevant for interschool and college debates…dont get worked up at the is applicable for the long run.

5)    The better you are convinced of your agenda and stand the more convincing you will sound so research well.

Credible websites:

  11. State and Government websites such as for the United States of America
  12. Official websites maintained by UN agencies and organs

Please substantiate all allegations with Reuters.

Extensively use the custom search engine on the website for all types of research.

Don’t be afraid of research. These points can be of much help to you and help make MUN a truly enriching experience. So enjoy it and happy researching. Best of Luck.