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Cosa Nostra
(The Italian  Mafia)



Siddharth Gulati




Advait Joshi


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Suhail Sohi




Aaryan Sharma



The Mafia is an alternative state, one capable of executing functions of government. It does not merely traffic in narcotics, or bootleg liquor, or fence stolen goods. The Cosa Nostra have largely governed the island of Sicily unchallenged for the last six decades, enforcing a law of their own making, meddling in local politics, and overseeing both Sicily’s transition into the Kingdom of Italy and its maintenance of a distinct culture. The Capofamiglias “bosses” are organized as a loose confederation of families, with each family claiming sovereignty over a territory.

With most of the nineteenth century fiddled with internal disputes within the Corleonesi and the political instabilities in the Italian state, the Sicilian Mafia Commission was revived, with Luciano Leggio, Stefano Bontate and Gaetano Badalamenti at the head in 1974. Following a series of events with the Italian state now coming together to take down mafia bosses and amongst all the internal disputes, Salvatore Riina becomes the head of the Cosa Nostra.

Now, with the former Prime Minister Aldo Moro being kidnapped by militant communists, the stage is set for the Corleonesi to rise amongst the internal disputes and to maintain a balance of power with all its families. The Italian state will do all that it takes to minimize the influence of the mafiosi and the Cosa Nostra must find its way out and continue to take the greatest mafia clan to its greatest heights…that is if they make it out as the Cosa Nostra.

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