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Union of European Football Associations


The Union of European Football Associations (UEFA)– is the governing body of European football. It is an association of associations, a representative democracy, and is the umbrella organisation for 55 national football associations across Europe. Its objectives are, among other things, to deal with all questions relating to European football, to promote football in a spirit of unity, solidarity, peace, understanding and fair play, without any discrimination on the part of politics, race, religion, gender or any other reason, to safeguard the values of European football, promote and protect ethical standards and good governance in European football, maintain relations with all stakeholders involved in European football, and support and safeguard its member associations for the overall well-being of the European game. UEFA is a society entered in the register of companies under the Swiss civil code, and is neutral, politically, and religiously. Its headquarters are in Nyon, Switzerland. It is a continental confederation recognised by the world football governing body FIFA, which is based in Zurich, Switzerland. The organs through which UEFA acts are the UEFA Congress, the UEFA Executive Committee, the UEFA President, and the organs for the administration of justice.


Workload management of players and staff. With the World cup 2022 happening in winters for the first time, the whole footballing calendar was changed. The mid-season break was reduced, and players were forced to play earlier than they normally would have. An average Premier League plays around 65 matches a year (domestic + international matches). This leads to injuries, fatigues, and lack of desire to play. The delegates must debate and find solutions to manage this hectic workload of players while ensuring that the clubs are not financially hit. Another Agenda which will be discussed is the UEFA Financial fair play regulations (FFP). Many allegations have been raised related to FFP in the past couple of years against multiple Arab owned clubs and the corruption it has caused in the footballing world. The rules of FFP must be changed and it is in the hand of delegates, how they would like to take this further.

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