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United Nations Security Council: Ukraine Russia Conflict



Trusha Maheshwari




Vivan Gandotra




Udyat Kapasi




Sadhika Anand



As one of the greatest global tragedies since World War II, the Russo-Ukrainian conflict has had an international impact and could end up spiraling into a third world war. With the Russian military infiltrating Ukrainian borders, it has become near impossible to control the situation peacefully. Hundreds have been killed, millions are seeking refuge, and war now wreaks havoc nationwide. This is your chance to write the future, change the narrative, and restore peace worldwide.

Tensions between Ukraine and Russia can be traced all the way back to 2014, when Russia began its annexation of Crimea, violating Ukraine’s sovereignty. At this time, Ukraine’s pro-Russian president lost the election, causing Russia to come to an offensive stance, launching a war resulting in the loss of almost 14,000 lives. Since then, Russo-Ukrainian relations have been strained, with Ukraine living under the fear of war for almost eight years.

On February 24th, 2022, the Russian military invaded Ukraine, escalating the conflict and resulting in almost eight million Ukrainians fleeing the country. On this day, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a “special military operation” with the sole goal to demilatarise and denazify Ukraine. Following the announcement, missiles, airstrikes, and a full-scale ground invasion ensued, directly affecting millions of civilians in Ukraine.

It has now become crucial for the United Nations Security Council to assemble and take collective action to de-escalate the conflict. With constant crisis updates and fast paced debate, time is of the essence while addressing this issue. Member nations must be ready to debate and compromise to address this humanitarian, political, and economic crisis. The fate of the world lies completely in your hands.

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