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Joint Crisis Committee - United nations command


This Joint Crisis Committee (JCC) comprises of two groups/blocs of delegates/representatives in separate rooms, debating the same, perpetual crisis. These blocs will have opposing positions in the crisis and either try to dominate the other side or seek common ground. As a rule, there are no boundaries to a faction’s course of action, besides having to remain realistic. The crisis is presented to the delegates, who can react to it in the form of directives, short one-clause resolutions. These directives influence the outplay of the scenario.


In this JCC there are two blocs or so to speak alliances, The Capitalist countries (Mainly South Korea, USA, Britain, and Canada) and the Communist countries (Mainly the USSR, China, North Korea and Cuba). The communist North Korea aimed to reunify the Korean peninsula under communist rule. South Korea, on the other hand, was a pro-Western democracy. North Korea invaded South Korea with the backing of the communist USSR and China. In response to this, the UNC was formed to liberate South Korean and remove the North Korean forces from the occupied land. The committee is based on the conflict between the two blocs.

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