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United Nations Correspondents Association

The United Nations Correspondents Association is a specialised committee that is under the supervision of the UN. It aims to maintain and protect the freedom and prestige of Press, Radio and Television correspondents in all their relations with the United Nations, to promote the interests of its members and to facilitate their personal and professional relationships. Further, it aims to take whatever measures possible to protect the rights of bona fide correspondents to secure accreditation and unhindered access to the United Nations Headquarters or regional choices, and to their normally available facilities without discrimination. Its objective is to undertake any other action, when required, on behalf of Press, Radio and Television correspondents accredited to the United Nations, either at its Headquarters or at any of its regional choices. Lastly, it facilitates social contact between its members, delegates from member nations of the United Nations, officials of the Secretariat, and other distinguished personalities connected with international affairs.


Journalists guide how the people see world events. They shape public opinion. With a flick of a pen (or more accurately, the tap of a keyboard) they can influence people’s believes and worldviews. They serve as a watchdog against injustice, exposing corruption, and abuses of power. In times of conflict and war, the voices of those most affected are often drowned out, in light of the “bigger picture”. As journalists, it is your responsibility to be a voice for these voiceless many, and speak truth to power. 
In your time as a journalist, you will learn how to construct convincing arguments and articulate your point of view and back them up with facts, citations, evidence and quotes, so that you express your views in the most effective manner. You will have the opportunity to interview and question your fellow delegates, and truly question their motives, actions and speeches, and really get into the substance behind any debate.
As journalists at AMUN, you have the responsibility of narrating the story of your allotted committee to the outside world, through various assignments, from news-reports, which will test your ability to record and identify the most important events from a session or even an entire day of committee proceedings, to fluffs and op-eds, which will allow you to express yourself and flex your creative muscle. 
You will be judged on the content & creativity of your submissions, your writing style and expression, the strength of your arguments, relevance to committee proceedings, and adherence to the guidelines of the assignment as well as deadlines.


An unconventional committee, the Aravali Model United Nations Correspondents Association- Photography Committee, offers an experience to those who have the urge to create and express. Whether it’s regarding world news, current events, and lifestyle stories, every photographer has an independent point of view which inculcates different emotions in the viewers. 

Photographers embody the expression of real time creativity through visual media. It allows delegates to highlight prominent issues in the world through just one photograph. One photograph is powerful enough to not only remind you of an event or detail, but can bring you right back to the feelings, sounds, and even smells of the moment. A good photographer must be able to look at something ordinary or even extraordinary and find a million different ways to interpret what they’re seeing and convey those interpretations in beautiful and meaningful photos.

Photography in AMUN will place delegates in the other conventional committees to cover the happenings of their respective allotments. They capture important events and expressions through their lenses, simultaneously highlighting the prominent issues affecting the freedom of the press. 

Your ability to manage and deliver tasks within the stipulated amount of time, work under immense pressure and adhere to the given theme will be judged along with the composition and overall appeal of the photographs clicked. 

“Every picture has a story to tell,” and it’s time to tell yours.

Caricature and Design

Being a caricaturist is one of the most powerful positions you can hold during a MUN. You have the power to mould, influence and even create opinions. Through art, you can make someone look like a fool while making another look like a king. 

Use your art as a true medium of expression and make your voice heard. Fast-paced, time-bound assignments will challenge you to improve your skill and express your opinion with clarity.  You will often be asked to document committee proceedings through sketches or comics. or to come up with and illustrate creative solutions to a problem a committee is facing.  At the end of each day of the MUN, your artwork will be featured in the AMUN Newsletter.

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