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United Nations Correspondents Association

The United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) serves as a vital entity within the United Nations, operating under its supervision to uphold the rights and prestige of journalists worldwide. It represents the U.N. press corps at the United Nations on issues related to coverage of the news and access to news sources. With a core mission to safeguard press freedom and promote the interests of its members, UNCA plays a pivotal role in facilitating personal and professional relationships among correspondents covering international affairs. Moreover, UNCA is committed to ensuring equitable accreditation and unhindered access to UN Headquarters and regional offices for bona fide journalists, without discrimination. Through its proactive measures and advocacy efforts, UNCA stands as a staunch advocate for the rights of press, radio, and television correspondents accredited to the United Nations. Additionally, by fostering social connections between its members and key stakeholders in the international community, UNCA contributes to the promotion of dialogue and understanding on global issues.


Journalism is one of the essential tools to a democracy as it provides the public essential information which impacts their perception of current affairs and world politics. Journalists wield the power of their words, shaping today’s reality through their influence on public opinion. They maintain a line of communication between the people and their authorities, keeping a check on them exposing malpractices or abuse of power.

As a journalist, you will be given the opportunity to transform monotonous facts using your individual interpretations of committee proceedings, making your articles more engaging by expressing your unique creativity. You will learn how to effectively express your views through multiple assignments. From news reports and beats, which will test your ability to record and identify the most important events from a session or even an entire day of committee proceedings, to fluffs, features and opinion editorials, which will allow you to express yourself and charm us with your uniqueness and writing skill.

You will also get to interact with delegates, to unmask their true motives through interviews and questions. In order to do so you must acquire substantial evidence by closely following their speeches and observing their behaviour in committee. 


"A picture is worth a thousand words." For individuals who enjoy creating and expressing themselves, the unconventional Aravali Model United Nations Correspondents Association - Photography Committee provides a platform. Photography demands technical proficiency as well as artistic vision, making it both a science and an art. Photographers render photos that tell tales, evoke feelings, or just record a moment in time using their understanding of light, composition, and perspective.

As a press photographer, you will capture images of news, lifestyle, and current affairs articles. Through the wonders of your lenses, you will record significant occurrences and expressions while also drawing attention to pressing problems that compromise press freedom. Essentially, photography is an art of observation. It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.

By placing them in the other traditional committees, delegates from photography in AMUN will cover the events of their individual allotments. Together with caricaturists, photographers will collaborate closely with journalists.

"Photography is the story that one fails to put into words," and now it's time to show your story.

Caricature and Design

Caricature is vital in Model United Nations (MUN) as it encourages participants to think critically, be creative, and practice diplomacy. It involves simplifying complex global issues into humorous representations, helping delegates understand and empathise with different viewpoints. It adds creativity and humour to MUN debates, making them more interesting and memorable. In summary, caricature is essential in MUN for developing critical thinking, creativity, and inclusivity. We encourage people to join caricature in MUN to improve their diplomatic skills and contribute to a lively and engaging MUN experience for everyone.

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