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The United Nations Correspondents Association


Head of UNCA

Nandika Sharma 

Head of Journalism

Navya Khurana

Head of Photography

Myra Aashi Jones

Head of Photography

Tuhina Bawa

Head of Caricature and Design

Niyatee Talwar
PHOTO-2022-06-29-17-53-23 2.jpg

Head of Caricature and Design

Ananya Bansal


The United Nations Correspondents Association (UNCA) is a professional organisation of correspondents from various countries worldwide, representing scores of publications, broadcasters and news agencies from all over the world. 

As a correspondent, you will be equipped with the task of keeping the world informed of the happenings from across the globe and, while doing so, embody the UNCA constitution. 

There are three elements to UNCA, namely Journalists, Caricaturists and Photographers. All three play an equally important role in getting across important updates and keeping the general public informed. This will be done through various forms of articles, caricatures and photographs. 

Correspondents continuously influence and shape the way history is remembered. Your writing, art, and pictures play a decisive role in how different events are recorded. Your work can change how political actions are understood and how public biases are formed. Are you up for the challenge?

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